About Us

We are Tammy are Kay, two girls who met over 10 years ago working at Anthropologie and discovered a shared love of vintage. Tammy’s groove spans the 60’s and 70’s, with a passion for silky polyester in mod prints, while Kay on the other hand, favors fashions from the 1930’s through the 50’s, but her true love is vintage western wear. Together, we span the eras and offer a curated collection of vintage clothing and accessories at Assassin Vintage.

Over the years, we have also discovered we both enjoy swing dancing, honkytonks, rockabilly shows, Lone Star beer, and authentic Mexican food.

We are always asked where we source our vintage, and the answer is all over! We pick what we love, what we find quirky, or what makes us say”$%^^%#$%!!” We then clean it, sew it, steam it, do whatever it takes to make it ready to wear.

We love when customers share photos wearing their Assassin Fashion, so please take photos and tag us @assassin_vintage!

Thank you for visiting our shop. Looking for something in particular; just message us.